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    Caveman Series

    When it comes to breaking down a chicken, slicing through hearty ingredients, and cutting into bone, an ordinary knife just won't do it. The Caveman knives from Seido Knives are the best tools for these jobs and many more. Once you take a look at these knives, you'll wonder how caveman managed to get through the day without one.

    Why Buy Caveman-Style Knives?

    Many blades just can't stand up to the heavy-duty cutting and chopping you need to do. Breaking down a chicken or a large piece of beef requires a lot of control. One wrong move and you risk injuring yourself. You get all of the control you need with a Caveman knife. These premium knives come in different sizes and designs for simple jobs like chopping ingredients. With one of the bigger knives, you can make quick work of a side of beef.

    Introducing our Caveman Style Knives. The SEIDO Kyodai utility chef knife is pictured outdoors. It's part of the Caveman Series collection.

    Types of Caveman Knives

    Never buy a Caveman knife without first looking at the different types. Butcher knives are popular because they have a curved blade with either a sharp or blunt end. Use one to cut through the thickest or toughest piece of meat without missing a beat. Chopper Caveman-style knives are unique in that they have a curved blade with a flat edge near the handle. Other knives you might need in your kitchen include:

    • Cleavers that have a thick blade with a sharp edge: Explore the Top Cleavers. 
    • Slaughter knives that are designed for cutting through bone and tissue.
    • Utility knives that are smaller and easier to handle but are still sharp.

    The right knives let you enjoy the same diet in the modern age that cavemen did so many years ago. Each one can slice through any piece of meat or ingredient as smoothly as they slide through butter. Find the Caveman knife or knife set you need today at Seido Knives.