Butcher Knives

SEIDO Knives are a butcher's paradise. Enjoy razor sharp, strong, high-carbon steel slaughter knives. They're resilient and will effortlessly glide through tough meat with every slice.


These knives are ready to cut and a must-have for any seasoned butcher, chef or home cook. They're an absolute essential addition to your culinary arsenal.

Nikuya Butcher KnifeNikuya Butcher Knife
Kyodai Utility Chef KnifeKyodai Utility Chef Knife
Torio Butcher Knife SetTorio Butcher Knife Set
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Gyakusatsu Butcher's Chef KnifeGyakusatsu Butcher's Chef Knife
Erito Eagle Slaughter KnifeErito Eagle Slaughter Knife
Kekkyojin Chopper KnifeKekkyojin Chopper Knife
Shuryo Butcher KnifeShuryo Butcher Knife
Senjutsu Butcher KnifeSenjutsu Butcher Knife