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The Anatomy of a Knife: Western vs Japanese Knives

Explore parts of a knife and the characteristics of Japanese vs Western Knives. Find out the differences and pick the right sets for your kitchen! Read More

How to Care For Your Japanese Knife

Master the art of knife care with Seido Knives' guide. Discover how to clean and maintain your kitchen knives, ensuring longevity and precision. Read More

How to Peel and Mince Garlic Like a Pro

Ever wonder how to peel and mince garlic? With some essential tools and steps, you can discover how to do it like a pro. Read on to learn how! Read More

Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel Knives | Seido Knives

Carbon steel & stainless steel are ideal in knife craftsmanship, but how do they differ? Find out the nuances between these two metal blades. Read More

How to Debone Chicken Thighs

Master the art of deboning chicken thighs with pro tips and a sharp knife. Read on and enhance your culinary skills for delightful meals. Read More

Seido's Pro Guide: Understanding Japanese Knife Handles

Explore Japanese handles for knives, known for their sturdy, rivet-free design & lightweight construction, combining aesthetics with practicality. Read More

6 Gifts for People Who Like to Cook

Buying gifts for people who like to cook isn’t always easy. Explore our gift guide and get ideas for the cook who seems to have everything. Read More

Seido's Pro Guide: How to Cut an Onion

Do you want to take your onion-cutting skills to the next level? Learn how a great chef’s knife can get you through the job without shedding a tear. Read More

What Is Full Tang on a Knife?

Have you ever wondered how knife tangs differ? Visit Seido Knives to learn how full-tang knives can enhance your kitchen! Read More

How to Carve a Turkey Like a Pro

Carving a turkey doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you incorporate the right techniques and tools. Learn how to carve your holiday turkey like a pro. Read More

Knife Storage 101: Learn the Best Knife Storage Solutions

It’s important to maintain your kitchen knives well. One way is by properly storing them. Here are some of the best ways to store your knives. Read More

6 Classic Knife Skills You Need in The Kitchen

Find out the six classic ways gourmet chefs use their knives to create different effects. Learn them to follow recipes exactly and cook ingredients evenly. Read More

Santoku vs Chef Knife: What's the Difference?

Although the Santoku knife and the chef’s knife look similar, there are distinct differences. Find out the differences to decide what’s best for your needs. Read More

What is a Paring Knife Used For?

Uncover the paring knife’s versatility at Seido Knives. Perfect your culinary skills from precise peeling to efficient coring to delicate segmenting! Read More

What Is a Knife Sheath: Everything You Need to Know

A high-quality knife delivers the ultimate cutting edge, but it requires safekeeping. Discover the right sheath for your knife to maintain its special purpose. Read More

Seido Pro Guide: How to Fillet a Fish for Beginners

Learn how to fillet fish like a pro. We cover all the necessary steps to take a fresh catch to the final stages of portioning the fillets. Read More

How to Sharpen a Knife: Discover All the Best Techniques

Get the most out of your amazing knife collection and the precision cuts you make in the kitchen. Learn the best techniques for sharpening knives the right way. Read More

How To Get Rust Off Knives: The Ultimate Prevention Guide

Learn how to remove rust from knives effectively. Read the Seido Knives blog to equip yourself with the ultimate knowledge for maintaining rust-free knives. Read More

The Essential Guide To Choosing High-Quality Steak Knives

Discover the art of choosing steak knives and master the essentials for a cutlery collection that elevates every meal. Shop Seido Knives today. Read More

What's the Difference Between Cleavers and Butcher Knives?
Cleavers and butcher knives are great for cutting meat but work differently. Read more & find out how to identify and use each kind of knife. Read More.
Exploring the Craftsmanship of Seido Knives

Discover the artistry behind Seido Knives' sharpness, balance, and durability while exploring their heritage. Read on for more information. Read More