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The Best Grill Gifts For The BBQ Dad

Looking for Father’s Day grilling gifts? From BBQ knives to grill gifts for dad, check out our selection of presents to honor the grill master in your life. Read More

Seido Skills 101: How To Slice A Pineapple With Ease

Learn how to properly cut a pineapple to make the most of this juicy fruit. Maximize those delicious moments while preventing needless food waste. Read More

Seido 101: How To Peel And Mince Fresh Ginger Like A Chef

There are different ways to peel and mince fresh ginger. Find out what tools you need and how to mince ginger like a chef. Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Cutting Techniques

There are over 15 Japanese cutting styles. Learn from us at Seido Knives what each one means if you'd like to improve your culinary skills. Read More

Nakiri VS. Santoku Knife: Choosing Your Culinary Companion

Discover the difference between nakiri and santoku knives, two popular Japanese kitchen knife. Find out why both knives are essential in any chef's collection. Read More

How To Cut, Trim, And Prepare Artichokes

Cutting and preparing artichokes correctly brings out the vegetable’s flavor. Find out the best ways to prepare artichokes before cooking them. Read More

What is a Boning Knife?

Learn how to use and care for a boning knife for a better cooking experience. Discover versatility & precision in preparing meats, fish, & more. Read More

How to Cut Cilantro, Basil, Thyme and More

Chopping herbs correctly can help bring out their flavors. Find out the right way to chop herbs such as cilantro, basil, thyme, and more. Read More

How To Cut And Prepare Sashimi And Sushi

Dive into the world of exquisite flavors with our guide on how to cut and prepare sashimi and sushi. Elevate your skills for a unique experience! Read More

How To Cut Any Type Of Meat Against The Grain

Cutting against the grain can change the texture of meat and enhance its flavor. Read on and learn how to cut any meat against the grain! Read More

Knife Safety: How To Prevent Cuts In The Kitchen

Enhance kitchen safety with these tips for better knife handling—more time cooking, and less risk. Your fingers will thank you! Read on for more. Read More

How To Butterfly Shrimp: Peeling, Deveining, And More

Learn the art of butterflying, peeling, and deveining shrimp to enhance your cooking skills. Read the essential guide today! Read More

The Anatomy of a Knife: Western vs Japanese Knives

Explore parts of a knife and the characteristics of Japanese vs Western Knives. Find out the differences and pick the right sets for your kitchen! Read More

How to Care For Your Japanese Knife

Master the art of knife care with Seido Knives' guide. Discover how to clean and maintain your kitchen knives, ensuring longevity and precision. Read More

How to Peel and Mince Garlic Like a Pro

Ever wonder how to peel and mince garlic? With some essential tools and steps, you can discover how to do it like a pro. Read on to learn how! Read More

Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel Knives

Carbon steel & stainless steel are ideal in knife craftsmanship, but how do they differ? Find out the nuances between these two metal blades. Read More

How to Debone Chicken Thighs

Master the art of deboning chicken thighs with pro tips and a sharp knife. Read on and enhance your culinary skills for delightful meals. Read More

Seido's Pro Guide: Understanding Japanese Knife Handles

Explore Japanese handles for knives, known for their sturdy, rivet-free design & lightweight construction, combining aesthetics with practicality. Read More

6 Gifts for People Who Like to Cook

Buying gifts for people who like to cook isn’t always easy. Explore our gift guide and get ideas for the cook who seems to have everything. Read More

Seido's Pro Guide: How to Cut an Onion

Do you want to take your onion-cutting skills to the next level? Learn how a great chef’s knife can get you through the job without shedding a tear. Read More

What Is Full Tang on a Knife?

Have you ever wondered how knife tangs differ? Visit Seido Knives to learn how full-tang knives can enhance your kitchen! Read More