Steak Knife Sets


    Upgrade your kitchen knives with Seido Knives' steak knife sets, featuring both serrated steak knives and straight-edge steak knives. A Seido Japanese steak knife set stands out with pakkawood handles and 15-degree angled blades, delivering a lighter, sharper, and longer-lasting cutting experience. Explore Seido Knives' collection of steak knife sets to find the perfect addition to your kitchen.

    non serrated steak knives, straight edge steak knives

    Serrated Steak Knives

    Our Serrated Steak Knives set offers high-grade stainless steel serrated blades for accurate and precise cutting. Made from forged stainless steel, the serrated steak knives provide you with a lot of control and stability while cutting. The pakkawood handles are ergonomically designed for excellent grip, and you can choose between a family set that includes either 5 or 10, 4.5-inch steak knives. The serrated steak knives set comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Non Serrated Steak Knives

    Perhaps you are looking for non-serrated steak knives . If that's the case, Seido has the non serrated steak knives set. These straight-edged knives feature stainless steel Damascus etched blades and 15-degree double beveled 4.5-inch blades for precise cutting. You can purchase the non serrated steak knives as either a five- or 10-piece set.

    Which set to buy?

    Which set you buy depends on your blade preference. They all do a thorough job of slicing through steak. Serrated blades are quite sharp, so it can feel easier to cut through really thick meat. However, non-serrated blades keep the meat's flavor even more intact as they slice through.

    Seido Knives has two solid choices for steak knives. Which one you pick depends on your preference, but they are all backed by a lifetime warranty and come hand-crafted from high-quality materials.