Professional Chef Knives

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    Looking to take your food preparation to the next level? With Seido chef knives, you'll get totally consistent, precise cuts every time.

    15-Degree Cutting Angle

    While most Western knives have a 25-degree cutting angle, Seido chef knives have a 15-degree angle, allowing you more precision in cutting meats, vegetables, and fruits. This makes it easier to slice and dice even tougher ingredients.

    Well-balanced Knives

    These VG-10 and high-carbon stainless steel professional chef knives are perfectly balanced as they have a slop bolster, so they are incredibly durable, and you can make exact cuts with them. Helping you make even more precise cuts, the blade on these knives is thinner than found on Western knives.

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    Seido Knives offers a variety of handle options for our chef knives, including our Gyuto knives. The handles are designed to provide a comfortable grip and balance for professional use. Key materials used are Micarta, G10 and wood composites, which ensure durability and esthetic appeal. They showcase the perfect balance of form and function. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to hold, these handles provide optimal control while working. These handles are sure to make a great addition to any kitchen.

    Various Size Options

    Seido knives come in various sizes, and you can efficiently perform multiple tasks with each one. For example, consider their Gyuto knives. The tip of this knife is pointed, making it an outstanding choice for precision work, especially in tight spaces. Meanwhile, the flat heel section is ideal for rock chopping. This knife is tall enough that you can easily knuckle chop with it. Finally, the sharp edge on Gyuto knives allows you to use almost any part of it to push or pull cuts with ease. Buy High-quality Gyuto Knives.

    You can find many sizes, so choose the one best meets your needs. Rest assured that each knife in the collection is made to exact standards ensuring that you will never need to replace these well-made professional chef knives.