Knife Roll Bags


    A knife roll bag not only keeps your knives organized and safe, but you can also use it to take your knives anywhere you go. Protect your chef's knives with our Seido knife roll bags.


    Chef's knife bags are a great way to store and transport your most prized culinary possessions. The bags come with different compartments, allowing you to separate each knife.

    Premium knife roll bag for ultimate knife protection

    At Seido Knives, we offer a classic chef's knife bag made from heavy-duty canvas. It can carry up to 12 large knives and has four additional slots for other tools and utensils. The chef's knife case also comes with an elastic band around the slots to keep your knives securely in place.


    Proper protection is the key to maintaining the sharpness and longevity of your chef's knives. Knife sheaths come in plastic, metal, wood, or leather, and they are designed to protect your knives against scratches. You can carry your sheath with you when you travel or simply store it in your drawers.

    Magnetic knife cover good for protection

    At Seido Knives, we have a beautifully constructed Saya Sheath. This walnut-magnetic knife cover keeps your blades safe and in pristine condition. The knife cover also comes with a magnetic lock so your knife doesn't accidentally slip out.


    Another way to keep your knives organized and safe is by using a knife holder. Knife holders come in a variety of styles. You can find wood blocks, drawer inserts, or magnetic strips. In all cases, knife holders are designed to protect your blades from damage by ensuring that each knife has its own space.

    At Seido Knives, we offer a Carbon Magnetic Knife Holder, a Bamboo Multi-Function Knife Holder, and a Magnetic Acacia Multi-Function Knife Holder. The bamboo knife holder is made from sturdy bamboo and has a magnetic strip to keep your knives securely in place. The acacia knife holder is made from reliable hardwood, and the carbon knife holder is made from stainless steel.

    Magnetic wooden knife holder efficiently storing seido knives on kitchen countertop


    Whether you use a chef's knife case, a knife roll bag, a sheath, or a knife holder, it's important to protect your knives. It's an investment you won't regret.