Knife Sharpeners


    Finding the right sharpening tools is important for any owner of high-quality kitchen blades. But what exactly do you need to keep your blades sharp? Finding the best knife sharpening stone is important, and Seido offers a diverse array of knife sharpeners to choose from. Let's go over what you'll need and what we recommend for any level of Seido knife user.

    Tools of the Trade

    You will need a few things to take care of your knife set. A whetstone combo allows you to get your blades to the precise sharpness you require, plus a honing rod will help you maintain the razor-sharp edge of each knife. What's more, a three-blade knife sharpener gives you a three-stage setup from coarse to fine and requires minimal effort to use.

    The Rosewood Diamond Sharpening steel, Knife & tool sharpener accessories

    Knife & Tool Sharpeners

    The professional three-stage knife sharpener is one of the knife sharpeners that includes a diamond rod, a tungsten steel blade, and a ceramic knife sharpener for sharpening your knives. It is compatible with all Seido knives, and it is made with durable materials for long-term use.

    Best Knife Sharpening Stone

    As for the best knife sharpening stone, you can take your pick between a few grit whetstone combinations. What you choose will depend on your preference. The 1000/6000 is a great starter whetstone for newcomers, and all of our whetstone combos come with a flattening stone and bamboo non-slip base for stability.

    Sharpening on a Whetstone vs Honing a Knife

    A honing rod is used to straighten the edge of a knife blade, while the finer grit side of a whetstone is used for sharpening and polishing the blade. Honing rods can help maintain the sharpness of a blade between sharpenings, but they cannot replace the need for regular sharpening with a whetstone.

    Seido has a lot of options for knife sharpeners Pick and choose which items you feel will work best at keeping your new Seido blades in excellent condition.