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accuracy; precision; lucidity (japanese)

Discover true precision with Japanese Chef knives. Experience unparalleled accuracy when mincing, dicing, and slicing. Consider these best selling knives from Seido.

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Seido Knives

Artisan Chef Knives

Quality-made, honest priced, high-carbon stainless steel chef knives

Seido Knives are hand forged and offer the best of both German and Japanese craftsmanship

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The Best Chef Knives Ever Made
Japanese Master Chef Knives
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I'm a Chef with 16 years of experience, I've used many knives and I must say Seido knives are simply fantastic! Definitely hands down, the best quality knives out there at an honest price.

- Rosie P.

This Seido kitchen knife set is flawless! So sharp! The wood handle is beautiful and feels like an extension to my hand. It doesn't hurt my hand when chopping food like some of the other brands

- Helen B.

Thank you Seido for making such an amazing product. I absolutely love the knife set. I enjoy cooking and I use the chef's knife everyday: it cuts so well!

- Lisa C.

I use the Seido Chef knife everyday when preparing meals for my family. It cuts through food like butter! I can't imagine using any other knife. They're amazing!

Brian Hollan

Master Chef Knife Set

No kitchen, cook or chef should be without these knives

Watch our SEIDO™ 8-Piece Japanese chef knife set product unboxing video and review

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Premium high-carbon stainless steel kitchen knives

Seido Master Chef Knife Set

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Seido 8" Slicing Knife

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Seido 7" Nakiri Knife

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The shimmering blade of a knife by Seido Knives, firmly gripped by someone cutting vegetables.

Artisan Craftsmanship at its finest

Our passion for cooking and Japanese craftsmanship, led us to creating the best and most affordable Japanese kitchen knives.

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Japanese Knives

At Seido, you can get high-quality Japanese knives, like the Gyuto, also known as the Japanese chef’s knife. These knives feature a razor-sharp edge that gives you clean, precise cuts.

You’ll also get thin, clean slices when cutting fish or herbs. It’s important to note that there are different types of Japanese knives. Some are designed for chopping vegetables, and others are designed for cutting fish and meat.

Our 8-piece Japanese Master Chef Knife Set gives you every type of kitchen knife in one complete set.


When it’s time to add quality to your cookware, these Japanese kitchen knives can be just the thing. You can use them for all your cutting needs and add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.


For knives that are as beautiful as they are functional, browse our Damascus knife collection. Damascus knives stand out for their high-carbon steel. Different layers of steel are layered together to give the knives strength, making them less likely to chip or break while adding a dramatic flair. If you need to add a knife with a razor-sharp edge to your collection, Damascus knives are a great choice.

At Seido, we offer knife accessories, too. Knives can lose their sharpness over time, so it’s important to sharpen your knives regularly. Combine your knife purchase with a professional knife sharpener or sharpening stone. Also consider one of our knife blocks or magnetic knife holders to protect your knives.

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