Professional Whetstone Set, Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

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Sharpen every blade like a pro with this Professional Whetstone Set. Including a #400/1000 and a #3000/8000 dual-sided grit whetstones, a non-slip acacia wood base, and all the stones and accessories needed for precision sharpening, it promises a sharp, polished edge with every use. Experience razor-sharp edges like never before!

Professional Whetstone Kit: Knife Sharpening Stones

What's Included?

  • 4x Whetstones
    • Dual Sided 1000/400 grit knife sharpening stone
    • Dual sided 3000/8000 grit knife sharpening stone
  • Acacia non-slip wooden base
  • 2x Non-slip silicone stone holders
  • Angle guide
  • Polishing/Sharpening compound
  • Small Flattening stone fixer
  • Large Truing/Flattening stone
  • Leather strop
  • Razor leather strop
  • Instruction manual
  • Signature Seido gift box

Items included in knife sharpening stone set

The #3000 grit side is a great middle grit soaking stone and coarse enough to bring a dull knife back to life. It's the perfect stone to touch up an edge when a full sharpening progression isn't needed.

The #8000 side will take your edge up to screaming sharp territory. With the right hand pressure and some patience this stone will take you to a mirror polish. The #8000 stone readily builds up a beautiful slurry, has wonderful feedback, cuts fast and stays flat a long time; it's very effective with any type of steel.

dual 3000/8000 grit whetstones

The #400 grit side is coarse enough to bring a dull knife back to life making it suitable for initial sharpening of dull or damaged blades. Use this stone for rough grinding to fix big gaps and restore sharpness.

The #1000 grit side whestone is slightly less coarse then the #400 grit and considered your go-to sharpening stone. When your knives loose their edge, this is the grit you should start with.

dual 400/1000 grit whetstones

The angle guide is used to attach to the spine of your knife and helps maintain the desired angle while sharpening against the whetstone.

Each sharpening stone includes a rubber base that will keep the stone from sliding around on what ever surface you're working on. Ideally the stone and silicone pad should be secured within the provided acacia wooden base.

The small flattening stone is for minor touch-up leveling between uses. Use this stone fixer to keep your whetstones levelled.

The leather strop helps polish the knife's edge and removes burr.

leather strop and knife guide leather strop to hon razors or knife blade

The leather honing strop is used to help remove burrs after honing knives or tools.

Use the polishing compound is to polish and buff your knvies on the provided leather strop. The polishing compound is for finishing and honing your blades edge to perfection. How does it work? Apply the green compound to the leather strop and then drive your blade accross the surface until you get a miror polished edge.

leather strop with knife polishing compound demonstration

leather strop, leather honing strop and knife polishing compound

Flattening Stone

Over time, whetstones can become uneven due to constant use. This can eventually affect the sharpness of your blades. Flattening stones help restore your whetstone to its original state.

Truing stone, knfie flattening stone
professional whetstone sharpening kit

How to Sharpen a Knife with a Whetstone

To sharpen your knife with professional knife-sharpening stones, follow these steps:

  1. Soak the whetstone in water for about 15 minutes.
  2. Place your whetstone on a stable surface (or secure it inside the wooden base). The coarse side should face you.
  3. Hold the knife you’d like to sharpen at an angle of around 15-20 degrees against the stone.
  4. Make smooth, controlled strokes.
  5. To get a polished edge, turn the whetstone over to the finer grit side and repeat the process.



A whetstone kit is a great tool to keep your knife blades razor-sharp. Maintain it regularly with a flattening stone, and you’re good to go.

You're now ready to start sharpening your knives. Read more on our blog for a step-by-step guide on using whetstones.

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