Facts You Need to Know About the Kiritsuke Knife

The Kiritsuke knife is a Japanese multi-purpose kitchen knife. Kiritsuke is the abbreviated name for this type of knife. In Japan it's actually called Kiritsuke Bocho.

It is pronounced "Keer-it-soo-ke Bo-cho", with the o's in Bocho making the long "o" sound. In terms of kitchen knives, this knife is particularly interesting and has a lot of fascinating facts tied to it. Seido Knives would like you to explore all of the great Kiritsuke knives we sell and explore the facts behind them.

It's Three Knives in One

The Kiritsuke is three knives in one. Japanese people love their fish. So, the blade is designed to slice through the bellies, heads, and bodies of fish when cleaning them and preparing filets.

As you are aware, the Japanese incorporate lots of vegetables into their dishes too. That is why the beveled blade is made for thinly sliced vegetables. Finally, the knife does a great job of creating thin slices of poultry, beef, and pork. It cannot cut through bone and sinew, which is why you may need a chef's knife instead.

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It Is Modeled After a Japanese Warrior's Sword

Japanese warriors, particularly the shogun, were heavily armed. They carried various swords and slicing weapons that quickly dispatched their enemies. The shape of the Kiritsuke knife is modeled after these ancient weapons.

The Best Kiritsuke Knife Is Made by Japanese Forgers

Without a doubt, the best Kiritsuke knife is one forged and made by a Japanese forger. It just makes sense, considering that the Japanese have been making this knife and other knives like it for centuries. They know what they are doing. Ergo, you can trust Seido Knives with its versions of Kiritsukes.

Seido Offers the Damascus Kiritsuke

Perhaps one of the best knives on the market and definitely the best and most attractive of Seido's Kiritsukes is the Damascus kitchen knives model. The blade is forged in Damascus steel with a lifetime guarantee. The blade is also etched with incredible detail and an eye-catching design. The marbled blue resin handle is light and easy in your palm, while the extra decorative touches at the hilt make it a knife worthy of any kitchen.

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Why You as a Chef Need This Knife

In terms of facts, you as a chef need this knife. How often do chefs have to stop chopping to wipe food from the side of the blade? How much time could you save if your knife just allowed chopped food to fall cleanly away?

That's what this knife does. It's extremely sharp and its special edge causes food to fall away rather than get stuck to the side of the blade. You never need to stop and wipe food from the blade. You just keep chopping and slicing during prep. The only time you have to stop is when you are switching to meats or switching to veggies from meats to clean the blade properly.

Seido Knives invites you to purchase the best Kiritsuke Knife we sell. Then explore all the other Damascus kitchen knives we offer. Our Damascus steel is incorporated into many different Damascus kitchen knives, all for the professional chef.

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