Exploring the Great Outdoors: Essential Knives for Your Next Adventure

Wild game and foraged edible plants are a little tougher than the stuff you buy in a grocery store. That said, Seido Knives has exactly the knives you need for living in and cooking in the great outdoors. Check out the selection of Seido Knives' outdoor knives and get started with hunting, fishing, foraging, and gathering in the wild.

The Perfect Camping Knife Set

The perfect camping knife set contains a cleaver knife for cutting through tougher gamey meats and hacking through bone and sinew. Even if you were going to put an entire deer on a spit over a fire, you would still need a razor-sharp cleaver to take off pieces of meat. If you want a full camping knife set, consider our Caveman Series. The Torio Butcher Knife Set has three different knives that can expertly slice, filet, debone, separate, and chop all the wild game, fish, wild mushrooms, wild herbs, and more.

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The Serbian Cleaver Knife

This large-headed cleaver knife is sharp enough to filet duck breast but smooth enough to slice wild mushrooms into thin slices. A cheese wheel and a loaf of bread are sliced like butter under the blade of the Serbian Cleaver Knife. Like the other knives in the outdoor knife series, the Serbian cleaver knife comes complete with a leather sheath to protect it against the outdoor elements.

Lots of Other Options for an Outdoor Chef Knife

Don't want several outdoor chef knives? If you'd prefer just one tried and true outdoor chef knife while camping, hunting, or fishing, you have other options. The Kyodai Outdoor Chef's Knife is a very popular knife with outdoor enthusiasts. Its pointed tip assists in getting the blade into small areas to help cut and separate larger pieces of meat. The long, curved blade is multi-purpose, helping to slice, chop, fillet, and cleave with ease.

Another option is the Senjutsu Butcher knife. Like the Kyodai, it has a long blade that curves toward the tip and a finger-hold area to help balance the knife in your hand. While it is primarily a butcher knife, the guaranteed sharp blade can be used for other slicing and dicing purposes in the wild.

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Be sure to check out all of the essential outdoor knives offered by Seido Knives. If you're not sure which to purchase, reach out to our team to help you choose.

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