The Best Grill Gifts For The BBQ Dad

Father's Day grilling gifts are great options for the dad in your life because they fit the summer season and help him do something he loves. Finding the right one can be tricky, though. The right gift needs to be something he'll use and love, but it also needs to fit your budget. Potential gifts range from a full Japanese Master Chef Knife Set, 8-Piece to single items, such as our Gourmet Acacia, End Grain Cutting Board. Even within the category of BBQ gifts for dad, there are different types of potential presents you can consider.


If you're having trouble finding the right gift for the BBQ dad in your life, consider what tools he has versus what he could use. Any griller's toolbox should have at least one big spatula so he can lift burgers easily without risking the edges falling into the fire he's cooking with. Is he still using a wire grill brush? Get him an alternative that won't leave bristles on the grill grates. You can even find a few with bottle openers for versatility. If he needs more than one new tool, get him a whole set. Dishwasher-safe tools are easy to clean, and ergonomic handles keep him adept when making everyone's food.


Grilling involves lots of chopping and prep work, so having the right BBQ meat knives is essential for any grilling enthusiast. BBQ knives range from Japanese butcher knives to outdoor camping BBQ knives, and the right ones can transform your dad's cooking experience. Look for blades sharp enough to cut through meat cleanly and safely, and get suitable sizes for your dad's hand. Different knives are helpful for specific applications, such as slicing and trimming. You can even shop for handles in various colors to match his current grilling tools and gear.

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When the dad you know cooks food over open flames, everyone eating gets to enjoy the unique flavor. However, that doesn't mean he can't take things up a notch. Spice rubs and seasoning kits open up a whole new world of possibilities. Seasoning packs with precise measurements already included can help take the guesswork out of many recipes.


Most of your dad's cooking might happen right on the grill grates, but a high-caliber cast iron skillet can help him unleash his creativity. Let the dad in your family tackle breakfast skillets, braised meats, and even making bread. Combo sets with deep and shallow skillets mean he can make multiple foods simultaneously for a backyard bonanza of good eating.


If your favorite grill master has already maxed out his grill tools, you can look into accessories that help his backyard experience. A wireless speaker lets him listen to music, sports, or even cooking podcasts while prepping the food, and magnetized bottle openers keep caps from dropping to the ground. Consider a portable grill table and an outdoor cart to give him more working space. If he wants to grill more, an LED light and grill gazebo might let him work even when it's dark or rainy.


One of the best grilling gifts you might get for the dad in your life might not be a tool, meat, or seasoning. It could be a BBQ cookbook. Grilling isn't always complicated, and it usually involves putting meat onto a hot grate, occasionally flipping it, and then everyone enjoying eating it. However, a great BBQ can involve more than just meat and some basic corn on the cob. The right cookbook can have your dad whipping up anything from desserts to pizza on his grill. Your dad can expand his repertoire or elevate the dishes he already knows.


Grill gifts for dads are great options for Father's Day because they fall into several categories of good gifts. Practical gifts always make sense because they're something he can use during one of his favorite activities, and you can buy him something he might already love or covet but would never spend money on himself. Take a sneak peek at what the dad in your life does or doesn't have so you can figure out which gift ideas would work out well for him.

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