How to Debone Chicken Thighs

Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins to add to your diet. Many would argue that the meat on the chicken thighs is the tastiest. You can purchase deboned chicken thighs, but they cost more than bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs. With the correct tools and skill, you can debone your chicken thighs and save money.

How to debone chicken thighs with Seido Knives

Learn How to Debone Chicken Thighs with Seido Knives!


When it comes to successfully deboning chicken thighs, the key is selecting the right knife. Using the wrong knife can lead to accidents due to the excessive force needed for making deep cuts. It may also result in poorly butchered meat, affecting its flavor and presentation. And you could waste time performing a job that could’ve been done quicker with the right deboning knife, like those found in the Hanikamu VG10 Damascus Chef Knife Set


A chef’s knife is a multipurpose tool that’s used to dice, chop, and slice ingredients. These knives have a sharp point and a prominent edge with a sloping curve. The curve makes it easy to cut, allowing you to take advantage of the knife’s rocking motion. The length of the blade will vary, but when you use it, it should feel like an extension of your body. The 8-inch chef’s knife included in the Caveman Butcher Knife Set is perfect for working with chicken.

Debone chicken with Caveman Butcher Knife Set

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A boning knife features a narrow, straight-edged blade with a sharp tip. Although it shares some characteristics with a filleting knife, it is stiffer and less flexible. Typically boning knives are between 5 and 6.5 inches long, and excel at breaking down thick cuts of meat and removing poultry bones.


You will need a quality cutting board like the Gourmet Acacia, End Grain Cutting Board when you are deboning chicken thighs. Working with chicken in the kitchen leads to unique challenges when preparing and serving a meal. Choose a cutting board that has a groove or a well around its perimeter to keep meat juices from leaking onto your countertop.

It’s good to have two cutting boards. You use one for meat and the other for fruits, vegetables, and bread. This prevents cross-contamination and ensures that you have the right cutting board for every task.Acacia wood is easy to clean and works well as a surface for cutting raw and cooked chicken.

Gourmet Acacia, End Grain Cutting Board for deboning



Arrange your tools and commence the deboning process by placing the thigh on the cutting board, skin side down. Identify the bone running along the length of the thigh. Employ your chef’s knife or boning knife to cut along the bone’s length, revealing it underneath the meat.

How to debone chicken thighs with the Tengoku bonning knife


Separate the meat from the bone using your fingers. Angle your knife in the bone’s direction and slice down on both sides, exposing more of the bone. You can also scrape the knife along the bone to cleanly remove all meat, leaving no residue.

How to cut chicken thighs


Position your knife perpendicularly to the bone. Hold the bone and create an incision underneath it, separating the meat below. Slice below and around each end of the bone to free all the meat.

How to remove bone from chicken thigh


The bone will be attached at one end. Elevate the bone vertically, making the final cuts to detach the meat entirely. When you’re finished, collect the bones and place them in the freezer for later use in making chicken stock.

Debone chicken with Tengoku Chef Knife


Working with chicken meat presents challenges, especially without a sharp knife. Don’t be discouraged if your initial attempts leave you with a slightly mangled boneless chicken thigh. With practice, you can adeptly remove the bone, preserve the skin, and create a dish your family or guests can enjoy.


Deboning a chicken thigh is straightforward. If you’re working with a whole chicken, separate the drumstick from the thighs along their natural seam. Reserve the drumsticks for other purposes. The key to success lies in having the right tools, like a sharp, well-designed knife, which will have you deboning chicken like a pro in no time.

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