Seido Japanese Master Chef Knife Set

This Japanese knife set is one of Seido's best sellers. As an eight-piece set, it encompasses every knife you would ever need in your kitchen at home or in your commercial kitchen. Each included knife comes with beautiful exotic lacquered wood handles. Seido doesn't just make knives pretty. Our products are high quality. Check out all our Master Series sets, and take a look at the individual knives in this chef set from Seido.

The Paring Knife

The 3.5" steel blade of the paring knife peels and slices produce like you're cutting through air. Its pointed and narrow end gets into hard-to-reach areas in thicker fruits and vegetables to help you make perfectly clean and trimmed slices.

Seido culinary knife set, 3.5 inch paring knife

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The Boning Knife

No kitchen set of knives is complete without a boning knife. The boning knife skillfully removes bones from fish and other small meats. Unless you are making bone broth, you don't want bones in your entrees.

The 8" Chefs Knife (Gyuto)

A chef knife set often contains a long large bladed knife, but a Japanese chef knife set contains the Gyuto. Styled after Japanese knives for butchering and slicing meat, this knife is a multipurpose knife that cuts through everything. It's not too heavy or clunky to wield either.

The 8" Slicing Knife

With a thinner blade than the Chefs Gyuto knife, the slicing knife is your next in command in this culinary knife set. When your Chefs knife is dirty, you can still slice up vegetables and fruits with your slicing knife. It's one of the most versatile and common knives of any Japanese chef knife set or culinary knife set on the market.

Seido culinary knife set, 8 inch slicing knife

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The Bread Knife

The bread knife with its serrated edge is one of the most imposing knives. It reminds one of a sawfish, with all of its teeth laid bare to see. Yet it will cut through the toughest, crunchiest crusts of bread you cook up with absolute ease.

The Nakiri Knife

A truly defining knife in the Japanese chef knife set is the Nakiri. It's not quite a butcher knife, not quite a prep knife, but it works for all of the above. Its 7" flat rectangular blade can smash cloves of garlic while slicing through an onion. It can hack through meat, bone and sinew just as easily as it sliced the onion before it. You can recognize it from its obvious shape and length.

seido culinary knife set, 7 inch Nakiri Knife

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The 5" and 7" Santoku Knives

The Santoku knives are also customary Japanese additions to a standard culinary knife set. The blades are designed to release whatever food you slice and chop so that nothing sticks to the knife and no food is lost in prep. The 7" knife is best for really large pieces of food that need to be cut smaller, while the 5" knife is easier to wield for smaller jobs.

Every Good Chef Needs an Excellent Chef Knife Set

seido japanese chef knife set, 8-piece culinary knife set

The Seido Chef Knife Set is the first, last, and only knife set you will ever need. Whether you are just starting out in culinary school or you are a full-fledged chef with years of experience, the Seido 8-piece professional knife set is one you should buy today!

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