Knife Storage 101: Learn the Best Knife Storage Solutions

If you have invested in an expensive chef’s knife, you will want to ensure that you maintain it and store it well. With proper care, your knife can last for years and make cooking that much easier. Here are some storage ideas to consider.


When you’re looking for ways to safely store your knives, you’ll find a wide selection of solutions available. How you choose to store your knives will largely depend on your needs.

One of the most important factors to consider is safety. You may like the look of a magnetic knife bar, for example. However, if you have toddlers in the house, you probably don’t want your knives to be in an area that makes it easy for them to grab. Either way, though, you should choose a storage solution that protects the sharp edges of your knives. This means keeping each knife separate, whether it’s on a block, a bar, or in a Chef’s Knife Roll Bag & Travel Case.

You should take durability and design into account when choosing the material. This is also where your personal preferences will play a large part. You can choose wood, metal, or even leather. Space is another factor. If space isn’t an issue, a knife block might be a great idea. If you have a smaller kitchen with less counter space, though, a magnetic bar could be what you need to maximize the room you have. Finally, you will want to keep your knives out of the way but where they are easily accessible when you’re cooking.

Chef's Knife Roll Bag & Travel Case

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At Seido Knives, we don’t just sell knives — we also offer all the tools you need to take care of your investments and keep your kitchen time moving smoothly. That includes knife storage solutions! There are a variety of ways to store your knives, but here are several of the types we offer.


Magnetic knife blocks provide a slot for every knife to keep them separate, along with using the power of magnets to hold each blade in place. With a variety of designs out there, you can find a knife block for almost any décor style. That way, they can act as an aesthetic enhancement for your kitchen along with being functional. Because each knife has its own slot in the block, you don’t need to worry about exposed edges or individual knives falling out. Easy access to your knives’ handles means you don’t need to fumble with a blade in the middle of your prep work.

While traditional knife blocks are made of wood and are rather basic, our Universal Stainless Steel Knife Block features a weighted bottom to prevent tipping. There’s also a hole at the bottom to allow any excess water to drain through, and it’s treated to be rust-resistant to keep your knives and the block itself in the best shape possible!

Seido's Powerful and Compact Knife Block

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While blocks provide sheathing for your knives, offering easy access, magnetic knife bars keep your knives visible and readily accessible. Mount a bar wherever you need, from sides of cabinets to walls and fridges, for easy access. Our Magnetic Bamboo Knife Holder lets you see each individual knife at a glance so you don’t have to remember which blade goes in which slot. They’re great for freeing up counter space, too, as well as keeping each knife separate to prevent dulling.

Magnetic knife bars are also easy to clean, with only a single exposed surface to worry about. They are durable and will have enough strength to hold up just about any knife you might use.


If you travel a lot as a chef, you may want to carry your favorite knives with you. Our chef’s knife roll bag is an ideal storage solution. Individual slots with elastic bands for each knife mean that each has its home, preventing the blades from knocking together and dulling over time. The slots also help with organization!

Our roll bag and travel case includes a shoulder strap for easy transport. Whether you’re going to your cooking classes or as a guest chef at different locations, a roll bag lets you bring all your favorite knives.

A roll bag also keeps your knives in a secure and padded location. Even though your luggage may be jostled around, each knife has its own slot. This maintains the sharpness of each blade and, overall, extends the lifespan of your knives.

Roll bags are space-efficient, too. You can slide each knife into its slot and then simply roll the bag up so that it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Classic Knife Roll Bag, Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather

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If you have just one knife, purchasing a knife bar, block, or roll bag may be too much. In this case, you should consider purchasing an individual knife sheath.

An individual sheath will be crafted to the size of your specific knife. Choose from different materials, such as leather, fabric, or even plastic. What’s most important is that the sheath protects the knife’s blade, preventing it from knocking against other utensils.

Knife sheaths are also safe because they prevent you from accidentally cutting yourself should you reach into a drawer to pull out a utensil. Like roll bags, they are travel-friendly, too, which means you get to travel with your favorite knife whenever you need it.

Saya Sheath, Kiritsuke Knife Cover

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There are quite a few excellent ways to store your knives at Seido Knives. The one you choose, though, should not only meet your design needs, but it should also meet your day-to-day practical needs as well.

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