What Makes The Hakai Cleaver Knife So Great?

A fun fact about the Hakai cleaver knife is that Hakai means "destruction" in Japanese. This cleaver definitely has the power to destroy. In particular, it will destroy bone, tendon, muscle, and anything else preventing you from preparing food in your professional chef's kitchen. Seido Knives invites you to get a closer look at one of the best cleaver knives ever made.

Hakai Cleaver Knives with a Twist

A cleaver knife generally has a massive hacking blade made for cutting through some of the hardest, toughest and strongest of foodstuffs. This knife in particular is a cleaver with a twist. It's not just a cleaver knife. It's a cleaver knife with a finger hole in the blade.

The finger hole helps you hold onto the knife easier and have greater control over your hacking and chopping. If you want smoother slicing, the finger hole helps you achieve smoother and more precise slicing than other cleaver knives. Another Seido knife, the Kyodai, also features this finger hole for overall better control.

Seido's best cleaver knives: the Hakai cleaver knife

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What to Look for in the Best Cleaver Knives

You want your cleaver knives to be razor sharp, considering you would use them for butchering and for quartering poultry. They should be light enough to hold without causing fatigue to your hands, fingers and wrists. The handles should be non-slip materials and have an easy ergonomic fit.

The tang should be forged of high-quality steel that will not rust or corrode and is easy to care for and clean. Sharpening cleaver knives is difficult, so you want blades that rarely dull. Finally, the best cleaver knives can be used for more than carving through bone and sinew. They should also chop, dice, and smash garlic cloves with ease.

The hakai cleaver is one of Seido's best cleaver knives ever made.

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The Seido Hakai Cleaver Knife Fits All the Right Criteria

As far as cleaver knives go, Seido's Hakai cleaver fits all of the above requirements as one of the best cleaver knives out there. Even if you opt not to use it in your professional kitchen, it's a boon to your kitchen at home. It's a very attractive knife as well, and it comes with its own sheath for safe storage. Try the Seido Hakai cleaver for thirty days risk-free and return it within that thirty days if you don't absolutely love it.