What Is The Kyodai Utility Knife And Why Is It So Useful?

The Kyodai knife is another Japanese culinary knife. It is a more unusual-looking knife to say the least. Its long blade has an open hole near the hilt meant for the user to insert a finger and gain greater pressure and control over cutting strokes. Seido Knives wants you to become more familiar with this kind of knife and why it is so useful in your kitchen.

It's a Premium Chef's Knife

Some people have described the Kyodai knife as a "caveman knife" because it looks like it came from the Bronze Age. The hammered tang and thick blade look more at home field-dressing game than it does in a professional chef's kitchen. Yet, the amount of control you have over this knife simply by using the finger hole is oddly satisfying. Compare the Kyodai to an ancient caveman knife and it is easy to see why so many people describe the Kyodai this way.


Kyodai caveman knife
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Yes, It's More Than a Kitchen Knife

The Kyodai knife is a multi-functional utility knife. You absolutely can pack it in your camping gear and use it for everything from slicing wild mushrooms and cleaning and fileting fresh-caught fish. Clean it and bring it back to your kitchen to hack and slice through poultry and vegetables.

Perhaps even more amazing is that you don't have to stop at food. It's a utility knife after all. Cut fishing lines and tent ropes. Saw small branches if you dare. The blade will stay sharp through it all.

The Kyodai caveman knife displayed on a white background
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Selecting a Good "Caveman Knife"

Selecting a good Kyodai involves examining the handle material, the blade itself, and finding out what kind of steel the tang is made of. Seido Knives does its own research to ensure that all of its knives are sharp, durable, and high quality. As a knife in your professional kitchen, its versatility to chop, slice, dice, crush, and cut virtually any edible and inedible thing might make you keep more than one on hand.

The solid oak handle is a nice touch on the Kyodai knife Seido makes. Oak resists moisture and thus will not allow your hand to slip when dealing with wet and slippery foods. Thick-cut or thin-cut carrots to chicken and steak. The sharp point on the end can be used for details on delicate food carving work or to poke through exceptionally tough melon hulls.

Kyodai knife detailing the handle

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High Carbon Stainless Steel Means Quality

The tang is forged from high-carbon stainless steel to better resist rust. A mark of quality, this type of steel will last. This knife itself was even recognized in a national publication as one of the best Japanese knives for kitchens and camping.

Seido Knives invites you to buy the Kyodai and use it risk-free for thirty days. Don't like it? Send it back for a refund, but we're sure you'll love it.

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