Which Outdoor, Camping, and BBQ Knives Should You Go With?

If you camp out a lot, you know you need a good set of knives for cutting and serving food. If part of your outdoor adventures also includes hunting and preparing wild game, then you definitely need a camping knife set. Seido has several excellent knives that can fit the bill.

The Outdoor Chef's Knife

An outdoor chef's knife is a multipurpose blade that easily slices, chops, crushes, and hacks through the toughest materials. You really wouldn't want to use this knife on anything but meat and vegetables, but if you had to, the blade is definitely sharp enough for it. It can quickly cut through rope, small twigs and sticks, slice thick brush, etc., although it is much better used for its original intentions.

One chef's knife that you really should consider adding to your camping gear is the Kyodai utility chef's knife. Its wooden handle has perfect balance, and the blade is sharp enough to split hairs. It should be the primary knife in your camping kitchen, especially if you don't have any other knives in your camping gear.

Seido's Kyodai Utility Outdoor Chef knife

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The Serbian Cleaver for Game Prep

If you hunt and dress game in a camping kitchen for food, you will need the Serbian cleaver as part of your camping knives. The heavy, large, and thick blade of this cleaver delivers forceful cutting blows with every chop. Even with the shape of the blade, the cleaver still feels natural and easy in your grasp.

The quarter-moon-shaped blade is also excellent for crushing fresh garlic, onions, and wild herbs. The blade can also double as a small serving tray if you can't find clean forks to transfer food from the camp pan to a plate.

The Serbian Cleaver by Seido is the perfect outdoor chef knife

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Other Knives to Consider Adding to Your Camping Kitchen

Many different styles of butcher knives are available from Seido as well. These knives are excellent for carving up meat for barbecues and piecing out sections of poultry, beef ribs and pork ribs. For big game hunters, these butcher knives make short work of venison and wild pork.

A good camping knife set to include in your barbecue and camping kitchen is the Torio butcher knife set. Three easy-to-use butcher knives, each with a finger hole for more control during the butchering process, are a welcome addition to your lineup of knives. Every camping and barbecuing knife or knife set that Seido makes and sells comes with its own sheath to protect the blade and protect people from the extremely sharp blades.

Torio 3-piece Camping Knife Set

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Additionally, all Seido knives are guaranteed and under warranty. If you find that they are not as promised, you can return them for a refund. If they break (which is highly unlikely), they are warranted against manufacturer defects. However, every Seido knife is of the highest quality steel and exotic wood. They are the most highly sought-after knives on the market right now.

Check out all of the camping and barbecue knives Seido has in stock. Order one or more to try them out. Keep what you like and add them to your outdoor kitchen.

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