Why Get The 5-Piece Japanese Master Chef Knife Set

Choosing to buy a knife set, either for personal or professional kitchen use, you should consider purchasing the Seido 5-Piece Japanese Master Chef Knife Set. There are several good reasons for choosing this knife set over any other individual knife or multi-piece knife set. When you see all the reasons, the only choice that remains is how soon you will buy this particular 5-piece set.

Each Japanese Chef Knife Set Is Made of the Finest Steel

All of these Japanese chef knives are made from high-carbon-content stainless steel. That means that they will not rust and they will not be affected by natural acids in food. As such they will last longer than lower-quality chef knives.

The blades on these knives are razor sharp too. They cut through even the toughest foods as though they are melted butter. A good sharp knife like that is worth its weight in gold.

5-piece Japanese Chef Knife Set By Seido

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The Japanese Chef Knife Set Is Very Affordable

There's always a concern that when buying quality chef knives the price will be astronomical. While there is some truth to that, it's not the case with Seido's knives. These knives and knife sets are quite affordable, even if you opt to finance your purchase.

A Kitchen Can Never Have Too Many Knives

As any professional chef can attest, a kitchen can never have too many knives. Purchasing the best Japanese chef knife set with five knives is a starter set if you have no quality knives. It's a booster set to round out your kitchen if you already have a lot of knives. Either way, this 5-piece set is likely to become your most used and favorite set of knives in no time.

Additionally, every time you use a knife, you have to pull another knife to cut up something else. Knives quickly become dirty and unusable, especially in a professional kitchen. Having more knives on hand means rarely having to stop and wash knives mid-chop or mid-slice.

The Best Japanese Chef Knife Set by Seido Knives

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Pakkawood Handles Deliver Unique Benefits

When you're done admiring the blades on these knives, take a closer look at the Pakkawood handles. Pakkawood isn't an exotic Asian wood. It's a wood and resin composite that is very strong, durable, waterproof, and won't splinter or break. The resins used in crafting Pakkawood can be dyed any color and wood grain patterns can be integrated into the designs.

In the case of this 5-piece set of the best Japanese chef knife sets you can buy, the Pakkawood handles are made to look like a combination of tiger wood and ebony. It makes them very elegant while still providing all of the previously mentioned benefits. These handles are also very easy to grip and comfortable in every hand that holds them because of their ergonomic design.

The 5 inch Santoku Knife available in the Seido Japanese Chef Knife Set

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Lifetime Guarantee and Thirty-Day Free Trial

Finally, the best reason for buying your Seido 5-piece chef's knife set is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Ten years, twenty years, or more down the road you can rest assured knowing that your knives are backed by quality and craftsmanship. Try them for thirty days for free. If you don't love them, return them.

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