Seido Knives Damascus vs. Dalstrong: Which Chef Knife Reigns Supreme?

If you're looking for a versatile chef knife that excels at chopping, dicing, and slicing, a Japanese Damascus knife should be on your radar. At Seido Knives, we proudly offer our Damascus Series, which includes the Kiritsuke Damascus Chef Knife. Let's compare it to the best-selling Dalstrong chef knife in the Shogun Series featuring Damascus steel and determine which is the best Damascus chef knife. When it comes to picking out a chef knife for your needs, there are important factors to consider. Here is a look at the features of both.

Construction and Materials

The Damascus Japanese knife undergoes a specialized forging process, resulting in a durable and strong blade. Seido Knives' Kiritsuke Damascus Chef Knife features a VG-10 core and 67 layers of Damascus steel, with a meticulous handcrafted blade and handle.

On the other hand, Dalstrong's chef knife in the Shogun Series is designed with an AUS-10V core and features 67 layers of Damascus steel.

The AUS-10V Japanese super steel core in the Dalstrong knife and the VG-10 Japanese Damascus Super Steel core in a Seido Knives knife are both high-quality materials known for their exceptional performance in the kitchen. However, there are some differences in their construction and materials:

  • Steel Composition: AUS-10V is a stainless steel known for its excellent hardness and corrosion resistance, while VG-10 is also a stainless steel renowned for its exceptional edge retention and sharpening ability.
  • Construction-wise, both knives have a super steel core. The VG-10 core in the Seido Knives knife, known for its edge retention, allows for long-lasting sharpness and precision.

When choosing between these two steel cores, personal preference, specific culinary needs, and the overall construction and design of the knife should be taken into account. However, it is worth noting that the VG-10 Japanese Damascus Super Steel core in Seido Knives’ Kiritsuke Damascus Chef Knife offers exceptional edge retention. Additionally, factors like blade style, handle comfort, and overall craftsmanship should also be considered to ensure you select the perfect knife for your kitchen.

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Edge Retention and Sharpness

Dalstrong's Shogun Chef's Knife is known for its impressive sharpness, boasting an incredibly fine edge at an angle of 8-12° degrees per side. With such precision, it effortlessly tackles various culinary challenges. On the other hand, Seido Knives' Damascus knives take sharpness to the next level with an angle of 8° degrees.

This ultra-sharp blade angle allows for an incredibly precise and clean cut, enhancing your culinary experience. The combination of Seido Knives' Damascus blades and the VG-10 core results in superior sharpness and edge retention, ensuring that your knife remains razor-sharp even after extended use. For additional Japanese damascus knife options, the Gyuto Executive Chef Knife is worth considering. It also features a VG-10 core and Damascus steel construction but has a slightly wider blade angle of 15°, offering a balance between durability and versatility.


At Seido Knives, we offer a variety of styles of our Damascus knives that all have a VG-10 core.The Awabi Gyuto Chef Knife is especially captivating with an exceptional abalone resin handle and the Kiritsuke Damascus Chef Knife comes in 6 colors. On the other hand, the Dalstrong chef knives tend to be sleek with an understated aesthetic.

Corrosion Resistance & Durability

Seido Knives Damascus Japanese knives are made of stainless steel, making it corrosion resistant. This is especially helpful if you're constantly washing it and letting it air dry. The Dalstrong chef knife is equally corrosive resistant. Both knives won't suffer the ill effects of rust.

Which Knife Reigns Supreme?

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Looking for the best Damascus chef knife for your home kitchen? You can't go wrong with a Japanese Damascus knife. Depending on what you’re looking for, the 8.5-inch Kiritsuke Damascus Chef Knife is a best seller! The Gyuto Executive Chef Knife is also a favorite. If Dalstrong is your preference, the Shogun Chef Knife is a reliable option. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But with Seido Knives, you'll discover a remarkable knife that will become your trusted companion for daily culinary adventures.

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