What Knife To Go With? A Guide To Making A Decision

When it comes to kitchen knives, there's a wide range of options out there. Yes, they cut, and yes, they slice, but each specialty knife has its own purpose. You need a guide to help you choose the right knife for the right kitchen job, and Seido Knives has both the guide and the products for you.

Chopping and Dicing: Kiritsuke Damascus Knife

This style of Kiritsuke knife has a long slender blade that is extra sharp for fine chopping and dicing. If you have ever watched a chef rapidly dice every last ingredient for stir fry or soup, there's a good chance he was using this type of knife to do it.

Seido Kiritsuke Damascus Knife

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Yes, the Kiritsuke knife can slice other things, but it is primarily made for slicing, dicing, and chopping produce. If you find that you prepare a lot of veggies or fruits for menus, then this knife is the one you want.

Slicing Through Meats or Breads: Gyuto Executive Chef Knife

The Gyuto knife has a bigger, denser blade. The very sharp edge slices through meats and breads like they're melted butter. It's a bit of a multi-purpose knife in that it can make quick work of produce production too.

Gyuto knife, seido gyuto knife

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The ergonomic handle is very decorative. It's an eye-catching knife with a very solid steel tang. The Gyuto knife's eight-inch blade tackles even the toughest-to-cut foods with ease. Yet, the Gyuto knife is no match for a cleaver knife.

For Cleaving, Hacking, and Butchering: Hakai Cleaver Knife

A cleaver knife is called a cleaver because its primary purpose is "to cleave" or cut in two. In particular, cleaver knives are made to hack through bone and sinew. That's ideal if you are cutting up a chicken into quarters or butchering larger animals.

The Hakai Cleaver knife is several times larger, denser, and sharper than the Kiritsuke knife. Its heft and tang are impressive. Its immense thick cutting edge can handle everything from poultry to beef. It's the type of knife you almost should take a course in how to use.

Hakai Cleaver Knife

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Why Seido Knives

Seido knives are some of the highest-quality Japanese kitchen knives. Their solid steel cores and Damascus steel construction provide durability and long life. They are an investment for your kitchen that is worth every dime spent.

Don't Have Enough Good Kitchen Knives?

If you don't have enough good kitchen knives, or your knives are just dull and not very useful, Seido knives should be your next choice. If you can't buy all three of the knives listed above, consider buying just the Kiritsuke knife or the Gyuto knife first. In the kitchen at home, a cleaver is not used as often.

You could wait to purchase the cleaver. If you are buying knives for your commercial kitchen, Seido strongly recommends buying all three of these knives. None of them will go to waste or unused in a commercial kitchen. All come in protective sheaths and boxes for presentation.

gyuto knife, seido damascus gyuto knife

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Overall, the sharper and bigger Gyuto knife is best. If you can A) only afford one Seido knife, and B) need a knife that can cut more than just vegetables and fruit, the Gyuto knife needs to be in your kitchen.

For more information on these knives and other knives that Seido sells, check out their website. You may also contact the company directly if you have any questions not answered on the website.