Professional Diamond Honing Rod With Rosewood Handle

Professional Diamond Honing Rod With Rosewood Handle


Professional Honing Rod with Rosewood Handle

Keep your knives in the best shape with this professional, premium honing rod! You can use it to sharpen an assortment of knives including your Seido knives!

Some people think that sharp knives are dangerous. But the truth is that blunt knives are even more dangerous than sharp knives. When you use blunt knives, you have to slice the meat over and over again. With that, you will have to exert more force and this can wear you down. Also, blunt knives have a tendency to slide off the meat since they can’t pierce through it. This can lead to accidents and that’s why sharpening knives is very important.

How it works?

The main purpose of this item is to help you sharpen your knives effectively. All you have to do is slide the blade up and down the rod. This will create a friction that will remove a very thin layer of the blade’s surface. By doing that, it can remove particles that might cause the blade to rust and become blunt. You can use this knife sharpener rod to sharpen other cutting tools such as scissors. It is a durable sharpener rod that is a must-have in the kitchen. 

The Rosewood Handle

Also, the handle is ergonomic and made of rosewood material; that's premium quality wood which makes it durable, comfortable to hold and fits right in your hand. That way, you can prevent it from slipping off your hand. this rode is quality made and will last you a lifetime.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good sharpener

I put it to work!! Been using this rod for a few weeks now. Sharpened all my knives!


I love it. A good quality sharpening tool. Was delivered in a nice gft-box. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

Excellent good honing tool

This honing rod is excellent. The rosewood finishing is beautiful and it has a nice feel in your hand. It doesn't feel cheap like some of the other plastic handle rods that come with some knife sets. This feels like a luxury, quality tool and it definitely lives up to it. I've put it to the test and honed my dull kitchen knives. I'm very satisfied with it and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to replace their honing rod with something of better quality. I will definitely be ordering another piece as a gift for my son.

Good product

Looks great! Good value for the price. Shipping was fast too.

Quality honing rod

Very good quality honing rod. The rosewood handle is gorgeous. I'm happy with it.

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Made with premium high-carbon stainless steel, offering a great balance between sharp edge retention and durability with a higher carbon content than other so called “premium” knives.

Sloped Bolster

Incorporates a sloped bolster that travels gradually onto the blade face and encourages a proper "pinch grip" for better comfort and control.

Acute Blade Angle

While most Western-style knives have edge angles of 25 degrees, our Seido™ Japanese kitchen knives have a more acute blade degree angle for a noticeably sharper cutting face.