Facts You Need To Know About The Tora Tsuki Cleaver

Tsuki has two meanings in Japanese. The first is "moon", traditionally represented as a bright shiny silvery object. The other meaning is to "thrust hard in a forward motion." Oddly enough, both can apply to the Tsuki cleaver by Seido.

Shiny, Like the Moon

The blade of this cleaver knife is a beautiful work of art. The blade shines and gleams like the silver Japanese moon. The etched scenery on the blade is so detailed that it's hard to pick it up and use it as a knife rather than leave it as a decorative piece in the kitchen. It gleams in bright light and reflects like a mirror. It is definitely a "tsuki" in this sense of the Japanese word.

Tora Tsuki Cleaver Knife By Seido Knives

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A Thrust Point Blade That Would Impress a Samurai

This chef cleaver knife boasts a unique thrust point blade that would impress even a samurai. The blade of this impressive cleaver knife features a sweeping, crescent-shaped point that bears a striking resemblance to a part of the moon or "tsuki." This design feature not only adds to the knife's aesthetic appeal but also serves a practical purpose, allowing it to tackle even the toughest cuts of meat with ease. It's no wonder that this impressive chef cleaver has earned its name. 

Vanadium Steel for the Blade

Vanadium is an elemental ore that is both rare and common. That doesn't make sense until you understand that it is rare from the standpoint that it can only be found in small amounts, but these small amounts can be found in many areas of the world. Using vanadium to strengthen the steel of the best cleaver knives you can buy makes the knives invaluable, almost priceless.

The Tora Tsuki Best Cleaver Knife by Seido

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The Handle Is a Work of Art Too

The handle of the Tora Tsuki cleaver is made of solid rosewood. Rosewood is a hardwood that is very durable, and its warm tones with dark rings or striations create a unique handle for every Tora Tsuki cleaver. It's sanded, shaped, smoothed over and oiled to produce a beautiful handle.

The brass accents at the hilt and heel of the handle are very decorative. However, their decorativeness matches the amazing etched mural of the blade. Even if you never use the knife in your personal or professional kitchen, this chef cleaver becomes a collectible piece in any knife collection.

Protect the Blade with the Included Sheath

The best cleaver knives come with a tough leather sheath. The interior of the sheath is reinforced to prevent the very sharp blade from slicing through the sheath every time it is pulled out or put back in. A belt loop on the sheath allows you to sport the knife outdoors for barbecues or field-dressing wild game.

Tora Tsuki Chef Cleaver Knife by Seido knives

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Free Lifetime Warranty

Quality kitchen knives often come with either limited warranties or warranties you have to buy or pay to renew. Seido knives and cleavers like the Tora Tsuki come with a completely free lifetime warranty. It speaks to the level of quality and the level of customer service Seido offers its customers.

Additionally, you can try the cleaver for thirty days for free. Seido is so certain that you will love the Tora Tsuki cleaver that they will let you try it and send it back any time within thirty days if you don't like it. Order one today and try it for yourself.

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